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My Kingston Cana-Diary. Getting Chilli. Here Goes The Sun!

Whenever they mentioned ‘Winter is Coming’ in Game of Thrones, and the characters in said TV show speak of how bitterly cold past winters have been, I think, bleedin’ wimps, I could handle ANY level of cold people’s least favourite season could throw at me. Now I’m not so sure. Here in Canada the weather seems to change suddenly – not gradually. All I’ve been used to is sunshine and high humidity for three months solid. However, the last two days we’ve had heavy rain and an unmistakable and discernible chill in the air. I’m feeling apprehensive. My mind is now turning to squalls, ice storms, frozen lakes, snow drifts, white walkers and that proposed wall separating Canada and the US, as suggested by some nutty right-wing American Republican. Am I living amongst the Wildlings? I’m fairly certain that’s not wolves’ fur within the lining of my jacket.

Game of Thrones

Pronunciation of certain words over here still never cease to surprise me. Take the name ‘Craig’. In Canada it’s said as ‘Creg’. Vague is pronounced ‘Vaa-g’, not in the correct, expected fashion ‘Vay-gu’ :). There’s a smaller town close by too. Portsmouth. Canadians call this ‘Ports-mouth’ – not ‘Ports-mut’. Snooker is ‘Snuk-er’. Spuky isn’t it. I mean spooky.

We went to Ribfest a few weeks ago. A celebration of all things meat and beer. Plaid shirts and backward caps essential wear of course. People do love to eat Corn on the Cob over here. And the corn cobs are huge. Smothered with butter, it’s best to eat them with those little pins shaped like miniature corn. You know the ones, see below:

corn holder

I know I may have mentioned before how pungent the odour from a skunk’s emissions is.  I’ve only caught the scent after driving over the carcass of the dead animal, and it is strong, especially if the poor beast was recently run over.  I can only describe the smell as being very similar to the whiff you might get if you were socialising at a dub-reggae night held in a club over a coffee shop in Amsterdam with Tricky and Snoop in attendance. If you get that sprayed onto you – you’d better rearrange any impending job interviews.

I must mention that we were at Kingston’s Chilli Fest this weekend. Basically you wander about eating chilli, cooked up by various organizations and businesses, then, after you’ve eaten your fill, you vote for your fave spicy concoction.  Take that Mexico! Cold ain’t nuthin’.

Bye-bye, Summer.

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