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My Kingston Cana-diary Pt III – Rock You Like A Hurricane!

Motley Crue

It’s hot. Too DAMN hot. It’s like being circled by four or five supersers whilst wearing a tooth-styled buttoned duffel coat, several toques [Canadian speak for woolly hat], and eating spicy Mexican Chilli-Con-Carne, all at the same time. Silly heat. I went for a 15 minute jog yesterday at about 5. I stopped sweating post-run at about 10 that night. This is unusual. I usually stop the sweats by 7. It’s just not right. There’s been a weather warning issued about the heat for the area. I think we may have got one of these back in the summer of 95 in Ireland – correct me if I’m wrong. Perhaps a Canadian winter will provide me with some relief. *wink wink*

Kingston is great. Beautiful lakefront. The main street has a great variety of shops and restaurants. They’ve really incorporated a green belt into the city. All streets seem to be lined with trees, and many are named after varieties of said trees. I was much amused to walk down Elm Street the other day, without my dreams later being pervaded by a horribly mutated ex-school caretaker with a modified glove; complete with razor sharp claws.

What is with all the rock music on the radio stations though? Exclusively rock. All rock. All the time. I mean I like Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ and ACDC’s ‘Who Made Who’ as much as the next man – but mix it up a little. I mean I actually heard ‘Smoking in the Boy’s Room’ by Motely Crue and Poison’s ‘Every Rose has a Thorn’ more than once…IN A MONTH. Back home in Ireland I last heard both 25 years ago. They sounded dated even then. Can we get a bit of electronica, hip-hop, indie etc.? I don’t have the capability to grow my hair long anymore and I can barely get one of my legs into any pair of skin tight jeans nowadays.

Which reminds me. We received a hurricane warning over the radio last week. It was kinda eerie. Alice Cooper’s ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’, or some such shite, was interrupted by an air raid sound. A type of screeching. A robotic voice then proceeded to list the areas vulnerable to the near perfect weather conditions that existed for a hurricane. Looking at the strange skies, I felt excited and afraid in equal measures. Fortunately, there was no Hurricane, just pressing, sticky, muggy heat. Help!


I’m really getting domesticated over here. I’m cooking, and eating a lot of foodstuffs I’d never eat at home. I’d best wrap this up, as I’m cooking Meatloaf tonight. I do wish it was the corpulent 80’s rock opera big mouth, because if I have to hear ‘Bat Outta Hell’ on the wireless one more time I’ll start chasing hurricanes deliberately.

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