Something of an odd film, consistently receiving plaudits, I expected something more than I was eventually served up. Based on Cheryl Strayed’s 2012 memoir, ‘Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail’ and written by Nick Hornby, the film concerns the various low points of Cheryl’s life.

Hit by crisis after crisis, she decides upon a thousand mile plus trek alone across the Pacific North West, hoping her mammoth hike through the wilderness will somehow ameliorate her suffering. Through flashbacks we witness an acrimonious divorce, multiple empty sexual-only relationships and a serious drug addiction. Although it seems that much of the chaos portrayed is pure embellishment, written into the script in a crude attempt to ‘sex-up’ the movie. Also, it’s hard to believe that Recce Witherspoon (who plays Cheryl) could walk any more than 1 KM with those matchstick legs of hers.

Overall, the film left me underwhelmed. It contains none of the human spirit against adversity, or Man versus nature you might find in other movies such as, ‘Into the Wild’ or ‘127 Hours’, and yet also fails to distance itself (due to unoriginality) from such movies so a viewer would not instinctively make comparisons. It was very hard to warm to the Cheryl in this movie. I suspect the book is much more rewarding. 2 bunions outta five.

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